Randall Shreve and the Devilles

When I first moved to Fayetteville, I quickly fell in love with the music of local legend, Randall Shreve. His music is this great blend of vaudeville, rock, jazz, and all sorts of other nonsense. Over the years I was lucky enough to catch several of his masquerade balls. Every one of them was magical, but the one last weekend was extra special.

While preparing to relocate to the UK with my wife, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding my move date. Due to this I thought I was going to be gone before the biggest show of the year. Fortunately, the timing worked out and I was able to snag a spot on the guest list (thanks to one of my awesome bandmates who made a guest appearance with the band!) and capture this amazing set just 10 days before hitting the road.


Michael and Liz

Back in November (2015) I had the great pleasure of seeing my two oldest Fayetteville friends get married. 

In the summer of 2011 my wife and I moved to Fayetteville Arkansas for her to attend grad school. We had never visited prior to showing up with a moving truck, and initially had no community. If you've never moved somewhere sight unseen, it can be a little scary. Fayetteville welcomed us with open arms, and we quickly realized the people were as just as special as this little city. 

Only a few days after we arrived I met Michael and Liz at a local open mic Michael was running at the time. I had played open mics in LA and Cincinnati, and was used to being another random name on a list, waiting to play one song and preventing someone else from getting on stage sooner. That wasn't the case the night I met these two. While sitting on one of the couches watching the first person play, Liz walked in with her Dachshund, Dieter. Dieter ran over to say hi, and Liz and I chatted a bit. When it was my time to play, Michael called me up like I was already part of the family. My nervousness faded instantly, and as I continued to play each week and spend time around these wonderful, welcoming people, I felt more and more like THIS was the place I never knew existed. I can only imagine how different my time here might have been had I not met Liz and Michael that night.

Michael proposed to Liz at Brewski's (there's a story there!) on December 20th, 2014. Due to timing, I wasn't able to shoot the proposal, but fortunately they still reached out to me to capture their wedding. We did a recreation of sorts for their engagement shoot to make up for it. 

Their wedding was beautiful, magical, and full of laughter and joy. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. Cheers!

(And special thanks to my wife, Alice, who did an amazing job second shooting! You'll be seeing more work from her I'm sure...)

And just for fun... Here's the Brewski's engagement shot!